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Making INWTPA another arrow in the quiver of our region’s Economic Development Councils. This is also a salute to the membership as it is being recognized as a group taking their profession seriously, providing North Idaho a competitive advantage. This also helps raise awareness in the communities we work and for our respective management of our contributions to same.

This committee works as a single point of contact to the EDCs in support of their efforts to both maintain and add companies to our region in support of increasing the economic output and valuation.

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Technical Liaison

North Idaho being a rural market, few if any organizations can afford the breadth of business and technology acumen to ensure the organization is leveraging the tools available to give them a competitive advantage.

The Liaison Program will, on a fee basis and project basis, bring the collective strength of the INWTPA to bear, with the goal of providing its client with competitive and sustaining advantage in their respective marketplace. Means to achieving top line revenue growth, and reducing operating expenses will be key focus points.

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Consistent with INWTPA’s goal of elevating the valuation of IT practitioners is raising awareness of their contributions. This can be done in part by outreach efforts in the community.

The INWTPA Community Committee will work with the University of Idaho and others in support of creating the career path awareness to our youth. This committee will also play lead on college level internship program development with North Idaho College.

The Community Committee will also be the one spearheading outreach activities such as “A Night with an IT Nerd”, a fun and educational evening for the SOHOs in our communities.

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Incubator & Start-up Support

Organizations such as the Innovation Collective are working hard to keep talent here, including the backing of high-tech start-ups. The overarching goal is to keep and attract the best and brightest to our neighborhood.he INWTPA Incubator Committee will provide on a pro-bono basis, consulting aimed at assisting incubator programs and other start-ups with IT “intel” and guidance to enable them to invest more wisely in IT and telecom infrastructure.

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INWTPA’s Content Committee focuses on improving and increasing its website content and presence. This committee will also oversee INWTPA White Papers, documents of best practices from which all members can benefit, at no cost to the members or community at large.

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Youth Programs

Resources and information on Youth Tech Programs in the North Idaho Region.

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