Honorary Members

Honorary members are those in our community who have made unique and significant contributions to their peers, their company, their customers or beyond, by virtue of smartly leveraging “technology”. They have relied on the IT infrastructure, broadly defined to include business analytics, software engineering, IT, telecom, etc. One of INWTPA’s goals is to empower people such as these and we are grateful for their contributions.

Ulyses Black Honorary Member INWTPA North Idaho IT Professionals

Uyless Black

Honorary Member Since August 2014

Summary of Experience

2002-2014: Retired an 2002. During this time, writer oft.

  • The Light Side of Little Texas (winner of the Historical Society of New Mexico award for the best book of 2012 depicting domestic life in New Mexico). Lea County Museum Press
  • A Swimmer's Odyssey: From the Plains to the Pacific. Memoir of a swimming life and participation in Vietnam War. 1E1 Press
  • Teach Yourself Networking in 24 Hours. Introduction to data COrnmunIcat ions networks. SAMS Press.
  • A Nearly Perfect Storm: An American Social and Financial Failure. Analysis of the 2008 meltdown. 1E1 Press
  • Articles on subjects ranging from politics and warfare to satire See www.Uy/esselack corn and blog. UylessEtlack corn. Also see Facebook Wiest Black Books

1972.1982: Federal Reserve System.

  • As a software programmer, designed and wrote the code for the first automated system that simulated the United States money supply. Used by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) to regulate the money supply of the nation.
  • Senior Vice President of Dallas Federal Reserve Bank. Assistant Director at the Federal Reserve Board.
  • Served as the Ombudsman for the Federal Reserve Board. Published article in Inlosystems magazine on the relationships of software programming to Gestalt psychology, a forerunner to modern programming design concepts.
  • Wrote a cover story for Data Communications magazine about managing companies' distributed data bases

19112-200V Private enterprise.

  • Founder and President of Information Engineering Inc, a consulting firm for dale communications networks.
  • Founder and President of MacInstitut.. a consulting firm for Macintosh/Apple-based computer networks.
  • Founder and officer of the Center for Advanced Professional Education, a training firm specializing in voice, video, and data networks.

19113-1971 U.S. Nary.

  • Underwater demolition team training
  • Communications Officer
  • Logistics officer for amphibious landings and raids in Vietnam. Navy Commendation Medal for service In Vietnam
  • Custodial Officer for NSA Intelligence Estimates at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Author of wear 40 books: Published by Premise Hall, McGraw Hill, IEEE Computer Society, Pearson Publishers. ICI Press. SAMS Press. and Lea Country Museum Press.

Education: BS in Psychology from University of New Mexico. MS in Computer Systems from the American University. Graduate of the Stonier School of Banking, Rutgers University.

Eric Anderson Honorary Member INWTPA North Idaho IT Professionals

Eric Anderson

Honorary Member Since May 2014

Summary of Experience

Education highlights: M.S. in Computer Sciences from MIT and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester.

Career highlights: 146 issues patents, assigned to companies such as Apple. (When your hand-held device's screen moves from Landscape to Portrait mode, thank Eric.) Positions held include CTO, sole proprietorships of both a C corporation and a 501c3, IP Advisor, Chief Architect, and EVP of Engineering and Manufacturing.

Eric and his wife Sandra live in Sandpoint, ID.

Bill Harp | Honorary Member | Inland Northwest Tech Pros Association

Bill Harp

Honorary Member since June 2017

Summary of Experience

Bill worked during his university years as a field archeologist in northern Idaho and central Oregon. He also worked as a cultural anthropologist and researcher among the Emberá, a tropical rain forest tribal culture in eastern Panama. He served as the staff anthropologist and technologist at Gorgas Memorial Laboratory in Panama that was involved in epidemiological research of tropical diseases.

For almost two decades, he worked in Panama for the US Department of Defense, Southern Command, as a consultant, application developer and trainer, where he specialized in geospatial technology applications in defense and intelligence. He was the designer, programmer and trainer of many of the key systems that permitted the US Government to implement the Carter-Torrijos Treaty that transferred billions of dollars of resources from the US Canal Zone to the Panamanian Government and assisted in the relocation of the 66 US government agencies that were operating in Panama.

He was involved as a senior executive or owner of several advanced technology startups in telecommunication and geospatial technology including Darien Information Systems, Inc. where he is currently Information Systems Technologist, Cultural Anthropologist and Geospatial Analyst

Starting in 2004 , he worked seven years for Esri, a company specializing in geospatial software, as the Defense and Intelligence Industry Manager, interacting with national and international defense and intelligence agencies and contractors.

He subsequently worked as a program manager for the United Nations in collaboration with the Panamanian Ministry of the Environment on a large national mapping program to analyze the land use and plant cover of the Republic of Panama. He recently returned to north Idaho where he is a fifth generation Idahoan. Bill, for the last three years, served as the Director, Technology for Bonner County Government.


  • B.S., University of Idaho, Interdisciplinary Studies in Psychology, Philosophy and Mathematics
  • M.A., University of Oregon, Anthropology
  • Post graduate studies and Teaching Fellowship, University of Oregon

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