Yesterday was the discussion titled “Building a Learning Organization”. Wow. A copy of the presentation is attached but it’s fair to say w/o having had heard Mike speak to it, a great deal would be missed. One fun and deceptively simple takeaway, the concept of DRIP (Data Rich Information Poor) and how to avoid it. Mike discussed four ways to extract the value from the data in hand.

Two other quotes from the meeting:

  • “Learning is the nucleus of business – it drives not only what gets created and launched, but also what lives on. It’s the “big bang” that sets everything else in motion. If you want to change your results you must first change your thinking.”
  • “The person who focuses on efforts and who stresses his or her downward authority is a subordinate no matter how exalted the title or rank. But the person who focuses on contribution and takes responsibility for results, no matter how junior, is in the most literal sense of the phrase, “top management” Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive.


There are only two sessions left in the series. I hope you can join us.

Chamber Leadership Discussion Series – Retapping Leadership Energy – February 11, 2015
Chamber Leadership Discussion Series – Disciplines of Execution – May 13, 2015